An Introduction...
The People's Choice;
"where Buyers meet Sellers"

What's in it for you?

  • Easy access to merchants selling products and services
  • Quality produce typically only available to the export market
  • Providing an alternative for your finances with your OWN independent wallet

If the above sounds appealing to you, then...

The Good News...

Individuals and groups all over the country are proof that the spirit of our people can be even stronger when we get to connect directly with our fellow Buyers and Sellers.

If you're looking for a way forward and to connect with like-minded people, so together we survive the forecasted doom and gloom … then you're in the right place.

Would you like to explore your options and find local solutions?

If being part of the solution interests you, keep reading because what we share here is GREAT NEWS for Kiwis seeking options for their future.

What does this mean in practical terms?

  • Buyers get to purchase from a high quality range of Merchants, both locally and Nationally
  • Sellers get to Increase their market, secure business connections and profitability
  • Buyers can meet Sellers and trade with a truly independent digital currency and their OWN independent wallet.

You can stop imagining it because it's happening right now in New Zealand!

We've created a meeting place where Kiwi businesses and everyday individuals connect with one another to buy and sell using a completely independent digital currency and their own independent secure wallet.

The People's Choice is here to introduce you!

Together, we are building Buyer and Seller connections, complete with an independent digital currency as a medium of buying and selling.

Our Vision

To introduce and facilitate meaningful connections between Buyers and Sellers, enabling them to transact autonomously for products and services using an independent digital currency.

To be clear...

We are realists and pragmatic. We understand it's not viable for most people to simply go off-grid and live a hermit-like existence 100% outside the current way of life.

It may be desirable sometimes, but it's not realistic because we still have homes, businesses, assets, hobbies, family and more. Hence...

The People's Choice runs in addition to - and exists alongside - the current Fiat way of life.

As the predicted sharp increase in inflation hits and the purchasing power of the NZD declines, with our own independent digital currency, we now have an opportunity to be more secure, safer, and thrive regardless of what happens with the NZD.

Fiat Currency Explained

Fiat currency is legal tender issued by governments. "Fiat" comes from Latin "it shall be". In other words, it's a currency declared or "it shall be" by a government. Fiat currency is not backed by a commodity like gold or silver and therefore can be volatile and fluctuate wildly during inflationary and deflationary economic cycles. Examples of fiat currency are NZD, AUD, USD, Euro, and other world currencies.

How The People's Choice Gives Back to Kiwis

Already we have many heartfelt and genuine providers who are buying and selling with our own independent digital currency.

The People's Choice is offering an alternative, complete with life's essentials...

  • Food producers
  • Transport providers
  • Health practitioners
  • Educators
  • Construction industry
  • And more

The People's Choice is a viable, sustainable, alternative path forward for New Zealanders.

What's more our coin has its VERY OWN Blockchain. Yes, this is huge!

With everything going on in New Zealand and the world in general, more and more Kiwis are finding great comfort knowing they have access to an independent digital currency that is owned by them, available in an app on your smart phone that YOU independently control.

If you don't have a Plan B for when life goes pear-shaped - or you're getting prepared and would like a Plan C or D - know that together we are creating a choice for the people of New Zealand, and you're welcome to join us.

This is your invitation to join like-minded people backed by a revolutionary, benefit-rich, and transactable digital currency with its own wallet on your smartphone.