A Parallel Economy that
Helps Protect Your Sovereignty is Here!

What has New Zealand become?

  • Supply chain issues
  • Skyrocketing cost of living
  • Threats to our financial security
  • Food shortages

Just three short years ago none of this would have been thinkable. Now here we are, living through it all.

The Good News...

Individuals and groups all over the country are proof that the spirit of our people is more potent than "the system" we grew up in.

If you're looking for a way forward and to connect to like-minded groups, so together we survive the looming economic and social storm... you're in the right place.

While many who rely on the current system and big corporations cower in fear and anxiety about growing shortages and restrictions on access to their money...

Others are actively seeking alternatives, looking for ways to help each other and find local solutions.

If being part of the solution (as opposed to staying a victim of our times) interests you, keep reading because what we share here is GREAT NEWS for freedom-loving Kiwis determined to protect their sovereignty.

What does this mean in practical terms?

Instead of taking whatever crumbs the system issues and living in pure "survival mode" always stressed... imagine for a moment linked local communities:

  • Of like-minded people who live with a smile once again because they feel safe, free, and independent, not relying solely on "the system".
  • Where food, goods and services are bought and sold that are NOT subject to supply and demand of "the system" and not overseen by onerous control mechanisms
  • Where people are free to open their business, free to trade and transact, free to save and grow wealth that's not hampered by "the system".

You can stop imagining it because it's happening right now in New Zealand!

We've created a "Parallel Economy" where Kiwi business owners and everyday people who value freedom feel right at home because...

The People's Choice is here!

Together we are building a safe-haven alternative movement, complete with our own decentralised cryptocurrency as a medium of exchange.

Our Vision

To create a fully functioning parallel economy in New Zealand - with our own transactable digital currency - that is self-sustaining because it links communities nationwide that interact with but remain insulated from the volatility of other economies based in traditional fiat currency.

To be clear...

We are realists and pragmatic. We understand it's not viable for most people to simply go off-grid and live a hermit-like existence 100% outside the current system.

It may be desirable, but it's not realistic because we still have homes, businesses, assets, hobbies, and more. Hence...

The People's Choice movement runs "parallel to" the existing crumbling system.

As the predicted sharp increase in inflation hits and the purchasing power of the NZD declines, with our movement's community connections and own digital currency, we now have an opportunity to get out of the old "fiat system" and rise, together.

Fiat Currency Explained

Fiat currency is legal tender issued by governments. "Fiat" comes from Latin "it shall be". In other words, it's a currency declared or "it shall be" by a government. Fiat currency is not backed by a commodity like gold or silver and therefore can be volatile and fluctuate wildly during inflationary and deflationary economic cycles. Examples of fiat currency are NZD, AUD, USD, Euro, and other world currencies.

The People's Choice movement is for...

Changemakers, visionaries and forward thinkers blessed with the foresight to start early and create a new future.

As Gandhi is famously quoted as saying... "Be the change you want to see in the world".

We are in challenging times... it is up to us, the people, to now create the way we want to work and conduct business with each other.

Are you ready for the "new" way of living?

How The People's Choice Movement Gives Back to Kiwis

Already we have many heartfelt and genuine providers who transact in our ecosystem's cryptocurrency, free from and outside the traditional fiat system.

We're talking a new parallel economy complete with life's essentials...

  • Food producers
  • Transport providers
  • Health practitioners
  • Educators
  • Construction industry
  • And more

The People's Choice, therefore, is a movement of viable, sustainable, alternative options around the country.

What's more our coin has its own blockchain. Yes, this is huge!

With everything going on in New Zealand and the world in general, more and more Kiwis are finding great comfort knowing they have access to a digital crypto asset that is sovereign to them, available on an app that YOU independently control.

If you don't have a Plan B for when it all goes pear-shaped - or you're getting prepared and would like a Plan C or D - know that together we are creating a new economic model for the people of New Zealand, and you're welcome to join us.

Right about now you may be VERY curious but a little unsure if this is a fit for you?

This is your official invitation to join a social and economic movement of like-minded people backed by a revolutionary, benefit-rich, and transactable cryptocurrency with its own wallet on your smartphone.

Explore The People's Choice

Are you a good fit for The People's Choice movement?

Who The People's Choice Movement is for:

  • Awakened business owners who've worked their butts off to create wealth and a legacy for their family only to now see the prospect of it being taking away.
  • Mum and dad small and medium business owners who want options and to spread your eggs to insulate against the coming storm.
  • "Quietly stubborn" Kiwis who want to head in the opposite direction away from growing big end of town control.
  • Freedom loving individuals determined to create a backup plan, so you don't live in fear.
  • New Zealanders who have foresight, who are sick of talk that goes nowhere, and who want to take steps to create a new reality for themselves and their families.
  • Individuals who want to create change for the better, who want to unite and work with others to create a human and financial alternative across New Zealand.

Who The People's Choice Movement is NOT for:

  • Big corporations and businesses caught in the traditional economic paradigm.
  • Anyone who needs "convincing" of where our economy and world is at right now and where it's heading over the next several months/years.
  • Anyone who still believes "the system" has your best interests at heart.
  • Fence sitters who want to wait and see rather than getting on the front foot and taking responsibility for their future.
  • People who think "the system" will "look after you" and "keep you safe" – where in the world has that truly happened - when things go bad, they go, well, BAD.
  • Anyone who clings to the belief the fiat system as it stands will continue and these times are "just a hiccup" rather than a fork in the road moment in history.

If this resonates with you...

If you fit the "Who The People's Choice Movement is for" ethos and are ready to energetically align yourself with a place where you can be free no matter what is going on in the world... then welcome to The People's Choice movement.