Meet the Leaders Behind The People's Choice

Adam Wood

CEO | Founder

  • New Zealand born, owned Australia's largest private treasury for 25yrs that turned over more than 1bil P/A
  • Provided liquidity in multiple currencies worldwide to high-end private enterprises and stock market companies
  • All but a handful of private treasuries folded during the GFC, his survived, as did his 1300 business clients
  • Key RO (Responsible Officer) to the Australian Government
  • ASIC Regulatory Accredited Diploma in Financial Services
  • Nominated Australian Entrepreneur of the Year 2005 by Westpac Bank
  • 20+ years of New Zealand and Australian business & finance experience

Sarah-Jane Campbell

COO | Head of Sales

  • Background in business development, including growing food-related companies in New Zealand and Australia
  • Sales focus within the private treasury environment
  • Worked with small and larger businesses across New Zealand
  • Assisted the growth of The People's Choice across New Zealand

Our 'Why' - A Personal Message from Adam...

Recent times have seen power taken from the people of New Zealand. As we've already said, The People's Choice is about bringing power back to the people.

With that in mind, given our skill set and experience, how can we NOT answer the call?

Yes... it would have been easier to let someone else come forward... and for a time we waited and hoped they would.

We realise NOW is the time to stand up for what's needed.

Plus, being a Key Responsible Officer means the regulatory authorities have established my capacity to sit on various banking and other financial institution boards to oversee an organisation's financial integrity (very different to financial performance or profit and loss of the institution).

How this level of experience benefits The People's Choice is that I've had to deal with...

  • Government forensic investigations
  • Immigration investigations
  • Compliance issues related to liquidity and contracts worth 100's of millions of dollars
  • Fraud by fellow directors, including a family member I had to put behind bars
  • The media and the spin and omissions they use to sensationalise things

All of which gives us, The People's Choice movement, the ability to read the terrain, identify what's coming and plan the most appropriate path forward. I maintain my Key Responsible Officer credentials because I dot my I's and cross my T's. Everything we do is by the book and compliant, able to withstand the toughest scrutiny.