About The People's Choice: a New Freedom for Kiwis

3 Pillars Create the Movement for the People

For a new "parallel economy" to thrive it must be built on the right foundations. Here are the "big ideas" behind The People's Choice which have created the reality of a vibrant and sustainable freedom movement that offers New Zealanders a new way forward.


1. Provision of Life's Necessities

With the writing on the wall economically, a future life beyond mere subsistence is our chief aim for Kiwis. History shows when human energy is mostly channelled into survival, they have little left for anything else and are easily controlled.

Thus our parallel economy first aims to provide Kiwis access to life's essentials. Our business network covers...

  • Food producers/distributors
  • Transport providers
  • Health practitioners
  • Educators
  • Construction industry
  • And more joining every week

Which offers a viable alternative for the people outside and not reliant on "the system". It's exciting because we have a growing number of options all over the country with other industries coming onboard very soon which gives people within our movement a structure to not just survive coming troubled times but genuinely thrive!


2. Connection to the Like-Minded

The strategy of the People's Choice movement is to link already existing freedom communities around New Zealand. The will of the people is strong. We provide the means for that spirit of freedom to grow stronger.

First it is local communities that trade amongst themselves. Then as the trade hubs grow, community to community transactions develop. And then a viable network of like-minded and connected options country-wide.


3. A Means of Exchange to Transact and Grow Wealth

Many believe the fiat system as we know it is on the way out and the future is the digital currency space. It's important however that the problems experienced now in the fiat system - including volatility and ever-changing interest rates - are not replicated in the digital space. Many are also worried about losing their hard-earned wealth and are looking for new ways to conduct business.

With this in mind The People's Choice believes a benefit-rich digital coin is the way forward. Hence TPC uses a new and innovative native coin with its own blockchain as a means of exchange. The best part is the coin has its own wallet via an app on your phone that you independently control. Plus, the coin compounds at 12% P/A (up to 20% P/A for early adopters) calculated daily. This means no matter what happens in "the system", Kiwis can still conduct business and generate wealth that they, not an institution, control.

The People's Choice comes from a place of service "for the people" centred on creating a movement that protects the sovereignty of New Zealanders therefore you must share similar values and want to contribute to the greater good of our country.