Buy the Coins; a Currency for Everyday Kiwi's

Join like-minded Kiwis and shop with like-minded businesses!

Take the Step Towards Directing Your Own Future

The People's Choice (TPC) has selected a new independent digital coin, built for the everyday Kiwi and Business here in New Zealand.

By saying "YES" today you contribute to building the new "TPC Marketplace" here in NZ.

Which means the freedom to choose how and where you spend your money.

As the holder of the TPR coins we use as our currency, you have a digital asset that is controlled by you because it's available via the app on your phone that YOU independently control.

This gives you a store of value PLUS a method which allows for the speedy flow of transactions.

Meaning you are insulated from the volatility and uncertainty of the fiat NZD economy.

Here's an overview of the features of the currency used in the TPC Marketplace:

  1. An independent coin on its OWN blockchain - very rare in the crypto space
  2. The algorithm anchors the coin to the last highest price of gold in USD on the exchange
  3. Compounds at 12% P/A (up to 20% P/A for early adopters) calculated daily - watch your asset grow
  4. Allows up to 25 free transactions per day
  5. Superfast transaction speed - as fast as 2 seconds anywhere in NZ
  6. Third party independently audited - gives transparency
  7. Independent Exchange On ramp only- longevity and confidence
  8. Includes a crypto reporting platform
  9. Two proprietary innovation patents issued
  10. It's a digital asset you can pass on to your kids
  11. Ever-expanding directory of merchants you can transact with

Like we said, it's a "Buyer and Seller Marketplace" we're creating, including...

Independent Coin + Wallet + Exchange On Ramp Only + Merchant Directory + Crypto Reporting Platform.

You independently control it via the app on your phone. Let's be clear...

Only you have access to your funds.

All of which brings great comfort knowing you have a digital asset that is under your personal control!