Become a Certified Merchant in
The People's Choice Movement

And unlock the power of compounding through your business
while you help grow New Zealand's "parallel economy".

Enjoy the Freedom to Trade with Ease

Serve the people in your community and expand your business by
linking to aligned groups around the country.

It's time to step out of the old way of trading and into the new and easy way.

As a Certified Merchant within The People's Choice movement, you trade with other like-minded people within geographical communities. You also have the option as we grow to expand your offering to our linked communities nationwide.

If you're a...

  • Food producer/distributor
  • Health practitioner
  • Shelter/construction owner
  • Education provider

...then you're the type of business we are welcoming now with more to follow very soon.

Becoming a Certified Merchant operates under "The Principle of Fair Exchange"

We understand that initially you will have overheads, material costs and the standard costs of running a company that requires some amount of fiat payment.

To offset this, we GIFT you coins in the digital currency used by The People's Choice movement.

Kiwis buy our coins every week.

As a Certified Merchant, we're not asking you to do this because of the principle of fair exchange.

You help us build New Zealand's "parallel economy" by offering your goods and services...

And in fair exchange, we gift you coins used in our digital currency...

This means you get a digital asset that grows from the day you join us.

"Understanding both the power of compound interest and the difficulty of getting it is the heart and soul of understanding a lot of things"

- Charlie Munger billionaire investor, who Warren Buffet describes as his closest partner and right-hand man.

Plus it means you can transact in the new parallel economy yourself using the digital coin.

Stop and consider the power of this for a moment...

Your coins grow at 12% P/A (and up to 20% P/A for early adopters)...


When you transact in the "parallel economy" you get paid in digital coins thus adding to your growing wallet right there on your phone. Like we said, it's the "new and easy way" to do business.

Because you're early we're giving you a high level of reward.

So that as the "parallel economy" grows, through your business, you unlock the power of compounding!